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The Gospel is Better Than That Viral Video

It seems like every day there’s a new video that demands the world’s attention. But there is a dark side to this viral culture that tends to capture one of two things. It either celebrates the best moments of someone’s life or it looks on in horror at the absolute worst moments. There is something about watching people fail or get embarrassed that fascinates us. There is something in us that wants to join in with the jr. high crowd from our nightmares and laugh at that person. It’s not a great look for us either…

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Four Ways to Thrive at Home During “The Crazy Years”

It can be easy to get overwhelmed, exhausted, and even flat out discouraged at the prospect of raising young children. But discouragement is not what God has for us! In Romans 8:37, we are told that in Christ we are overcomers and conquerors - pretty awesome, right? This stage of life doesn’t have be about merely surviving. In Christ, we have the power to have joy and thrive.

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