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Purposeful Parenting: 3 Important Times to Engage With and Love Your Children Well

In sixth grade, I decided to give basketball a try. I was fast and I was determined, but that was about all I had going for me. I remember those first games sitting on the bench, anxiously waiting for the coach to yell my name and pull me into the game. There are many times in parenting when we are on the bench – when we are at work, when the kids are at school, when they are sleeping, or when they are playing or working independently. But there are times that the coach yells our name and we have to be ready to give it our all. Here are a few key times as parents when we need to get our game face on…

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God's Answer to My Biggest Fears

From an outside perspective, some fears may seem unthreatening, small, even laughably unrealistic. But to the person experiencing the fear, it can produce an unimaginable amount of stress! We’re not talking about the precautionary signals that our brain sends us – what I’m addressing is the overwhelming, obsessive fear of the unknown or what could be, which many times falls into an irrational or improbable category. If left unchecked, it has the potential to endlessly colonize in the mind and hinder us from living the life God wants us to live. So, what is God’s answer to our biggest fears…

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The War Against Anxiety

Anxiety is a deceptive beast. For some it has become an overwhelming daily struggle; for others it is an occasional wave of doubt or fear that rears it's ugly head. In either case, a life dominated by the tormenting waves of anxiety is not God's plan for our life. He calls us to a life of faith and trust that results in peace. And if God calls us to something, He will always provide the ability and strength for us to get there.

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