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The Goal of our Worship: Getting Vertical

I wanted to take a moment this week to shine some light onto the specifics of how our church structures a worship service that both glorifies God and impacts our hearts. It all stems from our ultimate goal — to get vertical. Everything we do is for God’s glory! However, unashamed vertical worship is not something that’s easy to jump right into.  How many times have you been in a worship service where it took twenty minutes before you were overwhelmed with how great Jesus is? We are so prone to distraction and closing our hearts off from His work that it’s difficult to get vertical right from start.

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How To Benefit From Reading The Bible

People delay getting into God’s Word because it’s hard to know where to start and how to do it correctly. And I get that. The Bible is a big book and parts of it are really complicated. But here’s a thought: just do it! Just grab your Bible and read it. The goal is to view God’s Word for what it is — life-giving and life-sustaining. It is living and active and has the ability to read us and get to the heart of our lives, and in turn, we will see fruit and faithfulness as a result. And even though that might seem intimidating, it’s really not that hard. Here are some steps to learn how to REAP the benefit of reading God’s Word on a daily basis…

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3 Reasons Why God's Word Is More Than Just Another Book

As a Christian, your relationship with Jesus has a direct correlation with your relationship with His Word. God’s Word will take on a whole new meaning in your life and will begin to transform your heart when you realize that God’s Word is a gift to you just like Jesus himself. When I started reading God’s Word more, God’s supernatural power transformed my life. I learned that God’s word isn’t just valuable, it’s the most valuable gift I would ever receive. Here are three reasons why…

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