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You Before Me: Who Is Your First Love?

We all remember what it feels like to fall in love. It is so easy to get swept up in these feelings and wonder, “How did I get so lucky?” But then it happens. Maybe they simply put on a few pounds, are always at work, or seem to have no time for you. Pretty soon you may even start to feel like you are falling out of love. And therein lies the problem. If you are spending your time and effort making sure to love your spouse first, you're setting your marriage up for failure. We live in a society that tells us that you need to love your spouse first and love yourself second. This is pretty good advice but it’s missing the key ingredient…Jesus Christ!

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How to Help Someone in a Hard Time

It's highly likely that you or someone you are close with have endured a trial. In fact, you may know someone going through one right now. And you might be asking yourself “What can I do? How can I support them through this?” You might look at their situation and think that there is little you can do to help. While it might seem intimidating, let me assure you that it's much easier than you may think…

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