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When I Don't Get to Know

I like to know. I like knowing what we’re having for dinner, what we’re doing tomorrow, what the weather will be like. I’ll schedule out every hour of a vacation. When it comes to my faith, I like knowing as well. I like knowing what God is working on in my life. I like knowing where He’s leading me. I like knowing what’s in store. It’s easy to follow God when you can see where He’s taking you. But when you don’t get to know? That’s a different ballgame. So what do we do then? How do we protect ourselves against anxiety, against frustration, against doubt in the seasons when we don’t get to know what God’s doing?

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When I Feel Like a Failure

Raise your hand if you love Jesus. Keep it up if you believe the Gospel. Now, keep it up if you also believe you’re a failure. Is your hand still up? Then we’ve got a problem. Maybe you feel this way because your past was such a mess. Or because you went back to the place you promised you’d never go again. Or because your parents called you one so often, it must be true. Or because your circumstances seem to be proving it. Whatever the reason, you feel like a failure. What’s worse: you believe it.

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