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The Ease of Being Saved

It’s easy to be saved. Think about it. If you are the one in danger and someone swoops down and puts themselves in harm’s way to save you, out of the two of you, you have the easy job.  Just stand there and let your hero do the hard work. Sometimes if we’re saved from a life-threatening illness, we gain a renewed sense of purpose in life and go on to be a better person, but in most cases, eating healthy or adding exercise to our daily routine may or may not last. We’re thankful for another day and we hope to have gained some wisdom in the process. It’s easy to be saved – but it’s life-changing to be transformed…

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The Father’s Love

Did you know that God waited for 22 chapters in His book before He used the word “love”? He never says He loved Adam and Eve. Noah may have been a good guy, but God didn’t use the word “love” as He described Noah’s faithful obedience. Scripture doesn’t record God telling Abraham how much He loved him when He called him to leave his hometown and travel to the land of Canaan. No, God saved the word “love” for the exact right time to use it…

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Kristen WisenKristen Wisen
PTSD, Snakes, and Scripture

One of the benefits of memorizing scripture is that when you are frustrated, mad or sad, you can take your mind off your worries, no matter where you are, by quoting scripture. It becomes a great distractor and helps us to set our minds on the Lord, rather than the object of our anger or worry. Know what else? It's a great way to get through something that is frightening to you. And the truth is, it works…

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