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Engaging the Darkness - 3 Keys to Waging the War on Depression

At times it feels as though I’m at a train station that has two destinations. One is to happiness and joy; the other is to despair and disappointment. As I depart, I feel a cold sweat break over me. I’m on the wrong track again. Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you’re a frequent visitor with a platinum pass to this place of terror, loneliness, and self-loathing. If so — prepare for battle. This is how we wage the war on depression…

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Nate BuchananNate Buchanan
From Outsider to Heir

When we disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, we were completely separated from having an intimate relationship with God. That’s because God is Holy, and perfect holiness cannot be in the presence of sin. This creates a big problem for us. At this point our identity was, “dead in trespasses and sins, children of wrath, sons of disobedience.” But do you know there is hope? And this hope has a name…

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